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Finkel Library: TED Talk Resources

Project Information

"Our individual and community identity can be impacted by displacement and conflict." 


The Identity Matrix and Contemporary Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa

Check the IDU Google classroom for resources from your teachers like:


  • Project Overview and Instructions
  • Instructions for specific components
  • Rubrics

Research Reminders

General Reminders about the Research Process:

  • Format
    • Be sure to follow all guidelines about your note taking format
  • Sources, Sources, Sources
    • Connect all of your notes to the source you found it in
    • OWL/MLA resources
    • Consider the source: Why is this person or organization an expert on this topic? What perspectives might you be missing?
  • Plagiarism- just don't
    • Paraphrase as much as possible to show your understanding
    • Use quotation marks when using someone else's words
  • AI generated information
    • Is NOT permitted for note taking
    • Is only permitted with SPECIFIC PERMISSION from your teachers after discussing its role in your project
  • Search Smart
    • Try different search terms to get different results
    • include specific details in your search
  • You MAY NOT use Wikipedia as a source
    • You may use it to familiarize yourself with a topic
    • You should look at the sources they site and take notes from those sources
  • Finding BOOK sources
    • Allegheny County libraries catalog:
    • Submit requests to Mrs. Senedak including the Title AND Author of the book. Expect 24-48 hours before getting your book.

General Resources

*Remember* URL at the top of a database article may NOT link directly to the article. Look for a permanent link icon or save the article in another way like emailing it to yourself or adding it to your GoogleDocs.

Resources for specific topics

Project Inspiration