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Finkel Library: Middle School Summer Reading 2024

Middle School Summer Reading 2024

*Reading requirements must be completed before August 28, 2023, the start of the 23-24 school year* 

Open the document below for more information and to find your assigned titles

Advisory Summer Reading Titles

Although students already chose the book they would like to read, you can find the complete list of options here:

  • Attack of the Black Rectangles - King

  • You Are Here: Connecting Flights - Oh

  • Something to Say - Ramée

  • American as Paneer Pie - Kelkar

  • Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet - Dee

  • Garvey’s Choice - Grimes (students can choose to read either the graphic novel version or the plain text version)


Summer Reading at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


It’s the showdown of the summer! Dive into pages, dodge plot twists, and sprint through thrilling chapters. Join us for a summer of literary fun – where the only rule is to enjoy every word!