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Finkel Library: History Unfolded- Eighth Grade Social Studies/English

Resources for English Class

Library of Congress Resources:

  • Beyond Barbed Wire Online Exhibit
    • This online exhibit is gives background information and historical context about the camps and the ways in which people there tried to share information. It includes links to other relevant sources as well.
  • Japanese-American Publications through LOC Digital Archives
    • Use this link to search a variety of publications that were "produced by the Japanese-Americans interned at assembly centers and relocation centers around the country." Click on the tab labeled "All Newspaper Titles" to browse by publication.

Additional Websites:

  • Children of the Camps
    • This site contains information about the history of Japanese Internment in the United States to add historical context to the documentary called "Children of the Camps."
    • This site was created by a nonprofit organization and has gathered a variety of information and resources connected to Japanese relocation and incarceration. According to their site, "Densho is a Japanese term meaning 'to pass on to the next generation,' or to leave a legacy."
  • Japanese American National Museum
    • Learn about a variety of topics related to the Japanese-American history and culture.
  • Prisoners at Home: Everyday Life in Japanese Internment Camps
    • Explore this digital exhibition curated by the Digital Public Library of America.
  • Through Our Parents' Eyes
    • Discover additional information about life in the camps and the War Relocation Authority in this digital exhibition.

Picture Resources for Adobe Spark Work

Resources for Social Studies Class

Resources related to the Holocaust:

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    • This site includes a substantial amount of information, both primary sources and secondary sources to provide information about the historical events you will be researching.
  • History Unfolded
    • Use this site to find the pages with specific search information for your project.