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Finkel Library: 8th Grade Music: Artist Bio Project

8th Grade Music: Artist Bio Project

Project Requirements

For this project, you are to create a report about one of the musical artists/groups that you discovered during this trimester. Because it is impossible to cover every Rock artist, there are a few names included of people we were not able to cover, but would still qualify. If you have another band/Rockstar in mind, you must get it approved by me before proceeding. 

The report you make will be submitted as evidence of your work and learning. 

Your report will be presented to the class. 

The product you create for this presentation may look like: 
•    A Video “Rockumentary” OR
•    A PowerPoint OR 
•    A Publisher brochure/Newsletter/Traditional Book report OR 
•    Develop your own idea and get prior approval for it before starting 


Research Reminders

  • Your notes and final product MUST be in your own words. Putting other people’s work into your notes or project, without paraphrasing into your own words is plagiarism. Use quotation marks wisely.


  • You must give credit to the source when you find information.


  • Use CTRL + F to search for your term within an online article or website


  • ASK for help if you aren’t sure about your research process. We can help!

Suggested Resources

Don't forget to check out the newspaper subscriptions on the Library homepage.