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Library Schedule

Day 1 - PreK, 1st (Jennings), 3rd (Fox), 2nd (Faas)

Day 2 - 5th (Swauger), K (Blaney)

Day 3 - 3rd-Research

Day 4 - 5th-Research, 4th (Mangen)-Research, 4th (Arcuri)

Day 5 - 3rd (Goncalves), 5th (Gaul), 1st (Tritsch), K (Coffey), 4th (Mangen)

Day 6 - 2nd (Pless), 4th (Arcuri)-Research

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Database Passwords

Please click HERE to access the usernames and passwords for our databases.

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New & Featured Books

Louie and Hector are the best friends in the universe. Get ready to laugh out loud as the two boys fall in and out and eventually back into their best friendship ever through a series of funny secrets that neither one was supposed to reveal. Each episode is told in a journal format in four parts: "Best Friends in the Universe," "Best Friends in the Universe Forever and Ever," "Worst Friends in the Universe," and finally "Worst Secret Keepers in the Universe But Still Best Friends Forever and Ever."


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